Looking For Sofa ? Read It and Go For it!

How a customized Sofa is made in Funique?


Funique offers a large selection of quality sofas and armchairs. Variety of sofa models gives not only alternative between traditional design items and contemporary sofas up to date with the newest trends. Our customers can choose from single and double seaters to large three and four seater couches as well as very popular corner sofas.

However we are still aware how UK interiors may never be easy for decoration and furnishing. Space limitation, problems with colour and style matching to the other furniture are common. That is never easy. Especially when we talk about large item like a sofa!



That is why besides the huge sofa selection, Funique offers customization of your order!

We can prepare most armchair and sofa models with dimensions that fit your room perfectly. We give you a great choice of upholstery fabrics as well as free fabric samples services to make sure you order a sofa of your dreams!

Also we will deliver your individually customized sofa within 3 weeks. How is it possible?

Check Funique’s sofa production process at our manufacturer’s workshop.

After we receive an order for a sofa it is passed to our design department. If the customer has chosen a standard size sofa it is directly forwarded to the manufacturer's workshop.

On the other hand, all made-to-order sofas have to be first accepted by our designers to make sure the item fulfills our quality and usability restrictions.


The most important part of every sofa that has to be prepared first, is the frame. Funique manufactures only premium quality solid wood frames that are the most durable.

What is more, we offer unique 10 years warranty on our sofa frames! The frame development technician uses the wooden templates to make standard or customized size frame. With such a vast selection of products on offer, some wooden elements have to be prepared individually.





  After a frame is ready it is passed to the next section of our workshop. The next step is adding the sofa suspension and filling the frame with special foam. That is also a very important part. We have to make sure that the product meets highest standards in terms of comfort for the users.

Funique offers also a large choice of upholstery fabrics to our sofas and armchairs. We keep most of the fabrics in our stock. The chosen material is prepared in our cutter machine. After it is treated by our team of seamstresses, it is passed on to the team of development upholsterers. They work to tailor the fabric over the frame to produce the finished shape of the sofa.



When the sofa is ready and after detailed quality check, it is packed carefully to make sure it is safe for transit to the Funique’s customer!


The average manufacturing time for a sofa is between 2 to 3 weeks and we need another 3-5 days to deliver it to your door!

We offer you Free 2 Man Delivery service so you can be sure the sofa will end up safely in your living room!