Baby Room Furniture Trends


A baby room is a special "variety" of a child room. See what parts of equipment should be mandatory in it and create your own interior design in your nursery.


Trends in decorating a baby room do not change as fast as even these regarding clothes.

But from every year to there are more and more designs and furniture solutions that could be a source of inspiration to you.

There is vast selection of nursery furniture items and models as well as the accessories among which you can choose your dream ones.

Funique also offers you wide choice of Baby Room Furniture collections.




Materials of which furniture pieces for a child’s room keep changing, new types of wall decoration design ideas, as well as new and improved flooring types appear on the market. Of course such a wide range of materials and ideas has its drawbacks too – it is difficult for the parents who face the task of furniture arranging in their infant room to make up their minds and choose a particular style.

But it also has a good side: once something is chosen, there is no problem with completing the whole equipment in more or less the same spirit and style. It is also known that kids rooms are no longer a separate creation – they should be a harmonious part of the whole flat, namely they should be match the other rooms, to be arranged in the same or even a similar style.


The division of gender is more and more clear and visible in interior design trends that we observe this year. On the visualizations presented by furniture companies and manufacturers of wall decorations you can see that little boys’ rooms differ from tiny girls’ rooms and the other way round even at the very first stage of their lives.

Sometimes only small details make a difference: typical boyish (or girlish) curtains, printed patterns on furniture pieces, a rug or carpeting decorated in a specific colour and so on.

But in most cases, it can be seen at first glance whether we are dealing with a boys’ or girls’ room design.

True kingdoms of little girls are delicate: arranged in a dreamy, pastel colours, usually with bright furniture items with gently rounded shapes.

Small boys rooms are more decisive in terms of style expression, as seen in both the colours of the walls (the darker and more intense ) and pieces of furniture, and in accessories and add-ons, making a specific atmosphere of the whole interior.



Bear in mind that in a baby room in his first months of life you will spend as much time as your baby, thus remember about buying a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge apart from certain furniture pieces that will be helpful in taking care of your chair (e.g. a changing table).

The right armchair or chaise lounge will let you relax, rest and observe your baby during play or feeding time. It is worth remembering that accessories and add-ons used for baby maintenance could be disassembled. Thanks to this a chest of drawers with a changing table can become a simple dresser when your child grows up.

The same applies to baby cot beds and cribs. Consider buying a convertible crib, it is a junior bed. Beds of this type are more expensive but can serve your baby much longer.

If you have a problem to choose the best cot bed for your nursery, read our easy 5 steps guide how to buy a perfect cot bed!