Cot Bed Buying Guide

5 Steps to find your Dream Cot Bed


You can find a large selection of nursery furniture on Funique. The cot bed is probably the first and most important product you want to buy for your baby room. The range of products and models on the market is enormous and the decision is never easy.

To make your life easier and help you find the best cot bed for your baby that will also meet all your requirements, we would like to offer you 5 easy steps and tips to follow.


Cot Bed Safety

Baby Safety is the most important factor that you should take into account when buying any nursey furniture.

The newborns and infants in first months of their lives are particularly vulnerable to any external factors. Their immune and nervous system are not ready to cope with threats from the world around. Therefore reduction of the negative impact of external factors on an infant and their safety should be a priority for every parent. Remember about it when you look for a cot bed! 

A cot bed must be safe for your baby as well as safe and practical to use for you!


All the cot beds and other nursery furniture offered by Funique compose with the European Safety Standards and Quality Certificates. Please read more about the BS EN 716-1Y2008 (British Standard's Furniture - Children’s cots and folding cots for domestic use) safety requirements!

Our manufacturers make only safe baby furniture with rounded edges and baby friendly designs. All the drawers and shelves have a soft close function (or a new "push to open" system) which protects your baby fingers from harm. The spaces between bars and sides of the cot bed are always safe and meet the standards.


Not only the shape and design but also the materials used by the manufacturer influence the safety and durability of the nursery furniture. Therefore all our cot beds are made of high quality, laboratory tested and safety certified components.

Funique's cot beds are made of wood (we use beech wood, acacia, pine and oak) or high-quality MDF (manufactured in Europe). All paints used in the production are non-toxic safe for children. Most of the nursery furniture has UV and scratch resistant coatings. Each of our cots can be used immediately after assembly.



Cot Bed Sizes & Features

When looking for a cot bed, you need to match it with the available space in the nursery or baby room. You also have to consider whan features and funcionality you expect from yourcot bed.

If your nursery space is limited, and you do not plan buying other baby furniture exuipment, you should consider combo cot bed solution. 2in1 and 3in1 multifuncional cots are very popular and practical options. These cot beds offer you additional usage benefits like the baby changing or extra storage. Combo cot beds combine many functions necessary for everyday baby maintanance.

With a larger surface area for the nursery room, you can opt for the set of a cot bed and other baby furniture items.

All of our cot beds meets the UK's typical sizes for cot beds and match one of the 2 standard mattress sizes (length x width): 120 x 60 cm or 140 x 70 cm. Please remember that the same mattress size cot beds have different external dimensions, so please check it individually for ech product!

When you buy the furniture set for your baby, consider how long it is going to be used for. The stanard cot beds are used for maximum 2-3 years and later you have think about the bigger cot or other furniture. Therefore, another sensible solution we can offer are covertible cot beds. Consider the convertible crib into a junior bed or toddler bed. As a result, when your bay grows up you will be able to use the furniture for longer.


120x 60 Cot Beds
140 x 70 Cot Beds
  2in1 Convertible Cot Beds 3 in1 & Combo Cot Beds

Nursery Furniture Sets & Collections

As already mentioned it is reasonable to buy the baby cot bed in a set or whole collection of nursery furniture. First of all, it offers you a full range of functionality and you have all the items necessary for your baby room. Second, your baby's nursery decor is homogeneous and all the pieces of furniture match each other. It gives nice look and harmony for the nursery.


Please check Funique's wide selection of Nursery Furniture Collections. You will find all different designs, shapes and colours. Most collections offers items like: cot beds, baby changing tables, chest of drawers, nursery wardrobe wardrobe as well as junior beds, table and chairs sets etc.


Another advantage of buying your nursery furniture in a set is the flexibility. The furniture grows with your child. You can replace the smaller cot bed (120x60) with larger (140x70 or 200x90) from the same collection, a chest of drawers and cabinets that will be utilized to baby maintenance will be used later to store aids and toys. All kits designed for funique designed in such a way that they can serve the parent in the first months of baby's life and then there become the favourite furniture for the kids.



Cot Bed Price

You can find a large selection of cot beds on the market with a vast price range. The cot bed is probably already the most expensive piece of baby equipment that you are about to buy, so is it worth choosing only the highest price product?

You have to remember that your baby will grow up fast. You should plan your purchase not only for months for rather for years. Therefore, you should either buy products that can last and be used for longer or be aware when you will have to change the baby room decor and furnishing.

Funique nursery furniture collections are always highest quality products, in no terms worse than the most expensive cot beds available on UK market. We offer you these products in reasonable and affordable price!

Buying the cot bed and baby furniture at Funique's guarantees the safety and joy for the baby and offers the parents best products without spending a fortune.



Order the Cot Bed with Funique

Funique offers you only original, high quality, handmade products from European manufacturers. You can be 100% sure that a cot bed from our e-shop is made of top class, durable materials and the cot is safe for your baby.

 Please remember also about our policy of free shipping and free return. If the product does not meet your expectations, we will collect and refund it in total.