Buying a Pet Friendly Sofa

  • Tips on How to Buy Pet-Friendly Sofa



    If you looking for a sofa that will be friendly and suitable for your family and your domestic animals, please refer to some pieces of advice below before making your final choice.


    By purchasing a sofa you should take into account several technical parameters. What is important to us is the color, design, durability and price of a product. We are often guided by the color or the overall appearance of the sofa, and the technical parameters or other functions are of secondary importance to us.


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    If you are buying a soda for yourself and your family that owns a dog or cat, you should pay attention to some details before making the final decision, as well as during the use of it, in order to make it always look like a new one.


    Find out about the fabric

    It should be strong, washable and resistant to dirt. It should be smooth too, so as your dog or cat does not draw it with its claws, damaging it at the same time. Please note that your fabric should have increased strength.

    In the Funique Furniture offer the best fabric for sofas, on which your pets can rest too, is the fabric called Magician. It is a very durable fabric, with increased resistance to water and dirt, very easy to maintain. 


    Select the desired color

    It is advisable that the color of the sofa is similar to the color of your pet’s fur. Remember that dogs and cats lose their hair. If your dog loves to lie on a comfortable sofa that sooner or later you will see marks of its fur. If you are an owner of a black Labrador, imagine how a white sofa will look like after a few weeks of using it.

    You should vacuum it at least once a week to prevent your pet’s coat from penetrating into the structure of the material. When vacuuming your sofa, remove the cushions and vacuum well in the corners. Dander and dust can cause many diseases and allergies.



    Consider buying a sofa with a removable cover

    It's a very significant feature, indeed. Even the best vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of hair and contaminants resulting from the use of the sofa. Thanks to choosing a sofa with a removable cover you can enjoy its fresh look much longer.

    In addition to the standard activities like vacuuming and airing, once in a while you can remove its cover and take it to a professional cleaner. Then you will have confidence that that all contaminants not only the visible ones, but the invisible ones too (bacteria, fungi, dust mites) will be removed too.


    Avoid leather upholstery

    Even the best type of leather will have the traces of your pet’s claws. Scratches can be reduced by using skin care products but they can not be completely removed. If your sofa is being used by your household pets, then we do not recommend purchasing a sofa with leather upholstery.



    Do love your dog or cat and allow it to rest on your sofa or on your favorite chair from time to time.

    If you are looking for your dream sofa for yourself and your pets, you are confused and do not know which one to choose, please contact our team. We will help you make the best choice.


    If you have any photos of your pets on sofas, do not hesitate to send them to us :)


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