How to Clean and Care for Upholstery Furniture


Upholstered furniture is beautiful and decorative. However, it requires regular maintenance, because it is exposed everyday to different types of contaminants.

How to clean upholstered furniture? There are several ways to quickly remove stains and protect your favorite chairs and armchairs.

Upholstered furniture is one of the most popular household equipment. When it is manufactured accurately and reliably, it will serve us for many years. As a result of its use, the surface becomes dirty and damaged.

Another reason for it is the fact that we tend to forget about caring for it and cleaning our chairs or armchairs.

Bearing this in mind, we can extend its lifespan. In addition – it will look much better. Below you will find our tips on how to care for upholstered furniture and clean it….

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Mary Upholstered Dining Chairs with Solid Oak Table


Upholstered furniture, such as Funique's Marry or Kensington dining chairs, need regular maintenance in order to serve the household over the years.

The Marry or Kensington models can be made of fabrics with patterns on the upholstery, which are the pride of the arrangement and give it a new character and style.

But what should we do to make it remain a decorative accent for a long time?

First of all, you need to remember that too much sunlight leads to fading of furniture. It should be taken into account when planning the deployment of our room equipment. Too high temperature also has a negative impact on furniture, so do not set the chairs and armchairs near the fireplace or radiator.

Primary care treatment is dusting the furniture surface. It is also worth remembering to wash the upholstery material from time to time. It is best to carry out such washing by using a soft sponge and shampoo for upholstery. However, do not use large amount with water. When it sinks into it too deeply, drying furniture will be a problem. If small spots or stains appear on the upholstery, we clean them starting from the edges, never in the middle of the upholstery. In this way we prevent the widening of contaminants.


The Vasa solid oak dining chair can be made in plain and bright upholstery. It introduces brings a touch of elegance to interiors and gives them a distinctive style.

In order to make it serve for many years, you have to protect it from dirt and contaminants. There are some "homemade" methods for cleaning different types of stains. But remember that before using any of them, it is worth to check it on an invisible part of the furniture material.

We remove grease stains by using a solvent for fats. Then we wash a dirty material of the upholstery with a cleaning fluid. We can prevent coffee stains from leaving permanent traces on the upholstery by washing the piece of furniture with a solution of citric acid and water.

In case of discoloration caused by tea stains we should also use citric acid, but even then we clean upholstery with washing powder dissolved in water. Felt-tip pen and ink stains are very common. The first step is to remove glycerin and wipe the upholstery with a damp cloth. If it has not produced a desired effect, you can try to remove the trace with an alcohol swab .

As for the ink spots – you should preferably eliminate them with milk or citric acid . The last one from common pollutants are caused by wine poured on the fabric. Such stains can be removed successfully with the solution of citric acid and water. There is also another way of getting rid of them – you should pour the white seasoned wine over the stain and then clean it with water. At the end we wipe the cleaned fragment of the upholstery with a cloth and we dry it using a hairdryer.

Vasa Dining Chairs Set - picture from Funique's customer living room


Upholstered furniture is a convenient decoration. The chairs offered by Funique Furniture can pre present in our living rooms and dining rooms, only if we will remember about the best ways of caring for them. It should also be noted that the above tips are simply the "household remedies" with the aim of helping customers in dealing with dirt and contaminants of upholstered. furniture.

In case of a difficult and stubborn stain it is best to consult a specialist in the field of upholstery cleaning. It should also be noted that prior to cleaning you should refer to the instructions regarding care fabric.