Types of Furniture Wood


There are many types of deciduous and coniferous trees, but few of them gained particular popularity as a material for the furniture production.

When you planning to buy new furniture, please pay attention to the materials used by the manufacturer.

There are different kinds of wooden furniture. If you want to make sure which wood type is most suitable for a dining table, cot bed or sofa frame contruction, please read through our short guide.


Solid Pine Nursery Funrniture from Lambs Collection


Pine is a coniferous tree commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere. It is an undemanding tree. Its beige-yellow wood is highly saturated with resin and has a creamy, very broad grain.

Pine wood is often used for different purposes, as it easily undergoes the processing and colouring of wood, it is strong and resilient.

Pine is used for the manufacture of some children's furniture. It is also an excellent material for frames for oak beds and beech furniture available at Funique Furniture, in the section beds.

Pine furniture is mainly characterized by durability and low price.



Another material that is very popular in furniture is beech wood. Beech tree is long-lived, slow growing, it is common throughout the entire Europe.

It achieves its high utility value is only after the age of 100. Beech wood is a highly valued material because of its features – it’s hard, tight and tolerates high loads well.

However, to make it take on such properties, it is necessary to subject it to steam. This treatment protects the beech wood from the later warping and distorting. Beech wood is very popular for the production of tables in the Nordic countries and Germany.

At Funique Furniture we use beech wood to produce sofas frames. This enables us to provide a 10 year warranty on sofa frames. Soon beech beds will be available for sale at very attractive prices!

Beech Wood Sofa Frame


Solid Oak Table and Chairs Set


Oak wood is known for its strength and has been commonly used for centuries for the furniture production. Oak is a popular, long-lived tree growing in the temperate climate zone.

Oak wood is heavy, hard and very resistant to abrasion. It has a bright color, which over time may slightly darken. Due to the fact that oak occurs in many different forms, there may be slight differences in its appearance. Oak is a noble and beautiful wood. It is the most popular in the UK.

At Funique Furniture we make oak tables, dining chairs, cabinets, chests and many other pieces of furniture. Oak wood is beautiful itself, so we try to emphasize its natural color and avoid the colored lacquers and wood stains.

Most of our furniture pieces are made of natural-colored oak, covered with a protective layer of oils or top class waxes



Another tree that is resistant to unfavorable conditions is birch. Just as alder it does have large demands regarding its habitat. It grows fast, but it is also short-lived and it mostly reaches the age of several decades.

What differentiates birch from other types of trees is its smooth, white bark and supple, delicate branches. Birch wood is white with a bright yellow tinge. It is characterized by a high degree of hardness, it is easy to work with, but not very durable, it is often used for the production of plywood.

We use birch in the production of some of our baby beds and other pieces of children’s furniture from the collection of Hello Baby.

It is an ideal material for children's furniture because of its bright natural color. You have to remember that birch is an ecological tree. It grows very fast and is universally used, not only in furniture industry.

Birch wood rarely causes allergy and it does not have an intensive irritating odor. This is particularly important in case of children’s furniture.

Brich Wood Hello Baby Nursey Furniture Collection