Wooden Furniture Protection

How To Protect Wooden Furniture 

Wooden furniture is valued primarily because of its durability. However, a material such as wood requires different treatments to further enhance the durability of the wood and to protect it from various, often very unfavorable external factors.


Even before the wooden furniture will go into our homes, they are subject to various activities, which are expected to increase their lifespan.

The impregnation product used in the process of wood impregnation gets into the inside part of wood, which is to protect it from destructive pests and fungi.

Great importance in increasing the durability of wooden furniture is given to the protection of its surface. Regardless of which solution is applied, it will be a better choice than to leave the crude wood surface.

The most popular way to protect the surface of wooden furniture is varnishing it. Layers of varnish protects wood against the influence of water. But we must remember that even the best varnish will not make our furniture fully resistant to moisture.

Therefore, wooden furniture is not recommended for rooms where there is a high humidity level. This may be the reason why wooden elements distort.


Impregnation procedures performed by furniture manufacturers significantly increase the resistance of wood. However, during their use we should follow a few rules.



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First of all, we should regularly remove dust from wooden furniture, preferably with a dry soft cloth.

If on the wooden surface some dirty stains – from coffee, tea, red wine, juice or other substances containing dyes – occur, we should remove them as soon as possible with a damp cloth to prevent them from drying out and protect the varnish and wood from discoloration.


  Every few weeks we should devote our wooden furniture more attention. We begin, as usual, by removing dirt from the surface. Then we put the impregnation product on the central part of the wooden surface and distribute it over the entire place.



We completely dry out the wood surface with a soft cloth, we put the center cares for and distribute it over the entire surface. After a few minutes, we polish the surface of the wood, simultaneously removing an excessive amount of the wood care product.



On the market there are a lot of cleaning and wood care products. They have different composition and properties, but it is worth to choose high quality products, which may contain beeswax, vegetable oils and fats, silicone, antistatic substances which impede the settling of dust.


In a similar way we take care of oiled or waxed furniture. Here, too, our basic equipment is a soft cloth made of natural fibers, however, we use a completely different conditioning agents.

For oiled furniture a special oil will be the best choice, and in the case of waxed furniture - suitable wax for wooden furniture. We must remember that each successive layer of oil or wax applied by us will, to a small extent, change the color of our furniture.

This effect will not occur in the case of varnished wood furniture




The most important thing in the care of wooden furniture is consistency. As a result, we will be able long to enjoy their beauty for a long time.