How a upholstered dining chair is made in Funique?


We understand that it is very difficult to find a set of dining chairs that meets all your expecatations. 

First of all, with a huge selection of chairs available on the market today, it is not easy to differentiate between good and bad quality furniture. Neither price or first look must be decisive.

A well-made piece of upholstery should not be cheap, but you do not have to spend a fortune on set of chairs. At the same time, something that looks good, but it not made of poor materials, may not stand the test of time.

At Funique Furniture, we are always here to help you make an aware and sensible decision on what is the best purchase is you and your family. No matter the budget, style, comfort, or clean ability and stain resistance of the fabric, we can prepare a great offer to meet each of your need. We will find a perfect combination of the chair’s shape and style as well as a fabric of your choice.

Check Funique’s sofa production process at our manufacturer’s worhshop.

There is no doubt that the frame is the crucial element of the dining chair. Even when it is later to be upholstered and it is not really visible for you, it is still the core of the construction. We believe that you are looking for a piece of furniture that not only looks good, but also serve for years. Therefore the dining chair’s frame has to be durable and stable.

Only best materials should be used. The best material for a perfect chair is solid wood. It combines the substance and durability with a great look. All the dining chairs offered in Funique Furniture on-line shop have solid wood frames! Most of these are solid oak which is best of the best. The frames are carefully designed to offer variety of dining chairs shapes.

 After a frame is ready it is later filled with high density foam cushions. That is also very important process. Our technicians make sure it is distributed perfectly to make the chair’s seat and back stable as well as comfortable and keep its shape for long time.

We understand that your new furniture must offer comfort that lasts. Foam bodies for the upholstered parts which are chair’s back and seat are sculpted from a rigid foam, by cutting, slicing and shaping with saws to conform with a desired profile.






 The last stage of the chairs production is the upholstery process. After the selected fabric is cut with the cutting machine it is sent to our sewers. The team’s task is to make the perfect upholstery.

After the chairs are ready they are submitted to very detailed and strict quality control as we have to make sure all the furniture pieces offered to you are perfect.


Funique offers you an incredible selection of different upholestered dining chairs. You can make a choice of a chair model and later make a decision on the fabric.

Please check the upholestery fabrics available on our website. If you not sure which option to choose, do not hesitate to use our Free Fabric Samles services.

Some of our chairs have also an unique feature of changable chair covers. That is for example the Vasa Dining Chair. You can purchase an extra set of covers to change the look of your chairs quick and easy.

The delivery time for the chairs can vary. Please contact us to make sure how long you could waint for the chairs of your choice. It depends on current frames and fabrics availability.