Buying a Sofa

5 Steps to find your Dream Sofa


Funique offers you large selection of sofas. It is never an easy decision to choose the best solution for you.  The sofa is alwyas one of your biggest and long term furniture investments and it must be sensible and considered purchase.

To make your life easier and help you find the sofa that meets all your requirements, we would like to offer you 5 easy steps and tips to follow.


If your are a cat or dog owner, read also about pets friednly sofas tips.


Choose Sofa Style

Make sure your new sofa complements the style of your current or planned decor. Sofas are large and usually stand out from other furniture and accessories in your room but it should match them in terms of design, shape, colour etc.

For traditional style interior, think about a classic sofa with rolled arms and contoured back. Traditional sofas often feature a smooth shapre, tufted back and cushions, as well as wooden legs.

For a contemporary style room look for a modern design sofa. These tend to have cleaner lines and rather simple and sharp shape.


Classic Sofas
Contemporary Sofas

Choose SofaType & Size

The sofa must also fit your interior in terms of the size. Consider the proportions of the room and determine how big sofa would look best. Meascure the space available, thinking about easy access to your furniture.

Funique offers huge selection of products, so we are sure you can find exact height, length and depth of the sofa you need. You can always contact us to help you find the matching products or discuss customized sofa option!

When you know the space available, decide on the type of sofa you require. For small rooms we recommend single or double seater sofas.

If you are looking for a comfortable sofa for the whole familly, consider Funique's wide offer of 3 and 4 seater sofas or large corner sofas.

On each sofa model you will find exact dimensions. Remebmer to check also internal measurements, like space between the sofa arms and seat depht, which influence the comfort of your sofa.


Single Seater Sofas
2 Seater Sofas 3 Seater Sofas Large 4 Seater Sofas Corner Sofas Sofa Beds

Check Sofa Properties and Durability

The framework of the sofa is the most important part. When you buy a sofa make sure to check how it is built. 

Most of the sofas offered by Funique have a solid wood frame, which is the safest and most durable, unlike cheaper soft wood, plastic or metal frames that could warp, crack or chip.

Please note that Funique offers 10 years warranty on wooden sofa frames!

Other important sofa features that you should look on are: sofa legs (wooden or metal), suspension, and filling properties.



Choose Sofa Fabric

Choosing the upholstery fabric and considering the most suitable colour for your new sofa, is probably the most difficult decision to make. For each sofa we offer variety of fabrics and colours to choose from.

For each sofa model, there is a recommended fabric with selection of different shades, but you can also consider other fabrics. Make sure the properties of the fabrics would be suitable for the type of furniture you want to purchase. Check our Guide on Fabrics properties and find the best upholstery for your sofa!

Please study the Care Instruction for each fabric before you make the choice!

To make it easier for you we offer Free Fabric Samples service, where you can order a selection of different colours and textiles to see and touch them before you make the final decision on the sofa.


Beige Sofas Black Sofas Blue Sofas Brown Sofas Green Sofas Grey Sofas Orange Sofas Purple Sofas Red Sofas
Beige Sofas Black Sofas Blue Sofas Brown Sofas Green Sofas Grey Sofas Orange Sofas Purple Sofas Red Sofas

Order the Sofa with Funique

If you have taken all the above tips into consideration and surfed through the large selection of Funique's sofas, we believe you have found the sofa of your dreams!


The more great news is that we are one of the UK fastest sofa makers, and you will have your sofa delivered shortly!


The average manufacturing time for a sofa is between 2 to 3 weeks and we need another 3-5 days to deliver it to your door!

We offer you Free 2 Man Delivery service so you can be sure the sofa will end up safely in your living room!



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